What Your Dance Moves Reveal About Your Personality

During performances, you’re a perfectionist when it comes to the choreography, hitting every count perfectly. Every leap and turn is filled with emotion as you tell the audience a story. But the question is, what are you revealing about yourself when you’re at a party just letting loose on the dance floor?

How you move when you don’t care who’s watching reveals quite a lot about your personality type, according to new research. In addition to providing insight into someone’s personality, researchers believe that an individual’s dance moves may also reveal their innermost thoughts and feelings.



So, what do your dance moves say about you?

You energetically move all over the dance floor wildly moving your head and arms: This tells us you’re extroverted, that you “own” the dance floor. You couldn’t care less who’s watching how you move around the room, but you do love the attention!

You dance the “shuffle” around the room or make quick jerky movements with your hands and feet: You’re revealing a neurotic personality type! You are a bit more self-conscious dancing under the disco lights than you would be performing on stage. You’re cautious about making too much of an impression.

You move up and down to the beat of the music, and that’s about it: You’re a relaxed open-minded person who feels free and unconcerned about just tapping into the beat according to how you feel. You possess an innate rhythm and can easily move along with any type of music or song.

You move smoothly from side-to-side while swinging your arms around: You’re an agreeable type of person! Your dancing is like how you approach most things in life, you’re happy to just go with the flow. On the dance floor you let the music inspire your moves. People are naturally attracted to you. When they gravitate towards you on the dance floor, you welcome them with open arms.

You make your way around the dance floor, wildly moving your arms and hands and never staying too long in one place: You are a responsible, respectful person. You work hard and often stay late practicing your choreography until you have it down. You cannot tolerate boredom and make the most of any opportunities that come your way. You exude enthusiasm and plan on living a full life.

Last but not least, you’re constantly pointing your toes everywhere you go: You are a dedicated dancer, heart and soul. Although this movement wasn’t in the research study, if everyone notices your toes being curled in perfect form, it means just one thing: The spirit of dance is always within you no matter where you are or who you’re with!



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