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Ceasare laron Willis a.k.a Tight Eyez is a Krump dancer. He is known as the creator of Krump. Tight Eyez was. Krump is a style of dance that was created in 2000, as a movement by a few of people then gained more populrity after the release of the documentary “Rize”.



After the documentary was released, Tight Eyez stayed in the street scene to develop krump to what it is today. He put out many videos and DVDs on Krumping. For over a decade, Tight Eyez has remained undefeated in street battles. He has appeared in films such as “Stomp the Yard”, “Step Up 4: Revelution” and “Be Cool”.

Tight Eyez and his crew “Street Kingdom” appeared on MTV’s America’s Best Dance Crew season 6. A group of 10 krumpers brought Krump to the public eye. This gave a whole new meaning behind the roots of krump and a better perspective of where krump can go and how people viewe it.

Tight Eyez and his crew street kingdom believe they can take krump to the next level and impact the world in a possitive way hrough this dance.

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Amazing Dance Performance by Tight Eyez


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