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Super Cr3w is made of memebers who came form 3 well known b-boy crews, Full Force, Knucklehead Zoo, and Battle Monkees. In 2008, they won 1st place in MTV’s America’s Best Dance Crew season 2.

After apperaing on America’s Best Dance Crew, they have opened 3 dance studios, including one in Las Vegas. Some memebers of Super Cr3w have appeared in several movies and commercials such as “Honey 2”, “Planet Bboy”, “Battle of the Year” and “Pepsi Smash”. Super Cr3w received a personal invite from Michelle Obama and became the only hip hop crew to perform at the White House. They have also been featured in music videos and tours with artists such as Christina Aguilera, Paul McCartney, Madonna, Missy Elliott, Gwen Stefani, JLO and Fergie. They also performed along side the JABBAWOCKEEZ in their Las Vegas shows “Prism” and “MUS.I.C.

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