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Quest Crew is an American hip-hop dance crew from Los Angeles. They won 1st place in MTV’s America’s Best Dance Crew season 3. The members initially appeared individually on shows like So You Think You Can Dance and at events such as World of Dance and Kollaboration 8. They have toured with artist LMFAO and helped with choreography. In 2015, Quest Crew won 1st place, for the second time, in America’s Best Dance Crew (ABDC).



Quest Crew consists of 11 members. The name “Quest Crew” was inspired by the Quest Learning Center in Artesia, California, whose support has help the memeber grow as a team and individually. Some members were originally a part of the SickStep dance troupe, but later parted to create the group Quest Crew. Two memebers, D-Trix and Victor Kim are also part of another b-boy crew called Fallen Kings, which was formally known as Flexible Flave.

Quest Crew appeared in LMFAO’s music video “Party Rock Anthem”, “Sorry for Party Rocking”, “Sexy And I Know It”, “Champagne Showers”, and in the Far East Movement’s “Dance Like Michael Jackson”. In 2008, Quest Crew performed on Idol Gives Back.

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