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Poreotics is an Asian American dance crew from Westminster, California. The crew was formed in 2007 by Matthew Nguyen “Dumbo”, Can Nguyen “Candy” and Charles Viet Nguyen. The name Poreotics comes from their specialties in popping, choreography and robotics (Po-reo-tics). They have competed in several hip hop dance competitions, winning 1st place in the 2009 and 2010 Hip-Hop Internationals for the USA division, and competed in other dance programs and competitions such as World Of Dance, Body Rock, FUSION X, and Vibe 15. In 2010, they won 1st place on MTV’s America’s Best Dance Crew season 5. In 2011 they won Team of the Year at the World of Dance awards.



Poreotics are known for their sunglasses, which they wear for all of their performances. Jet Li stated that the reason they wear the sunglasses is because “it gives them character”. Poreotics is made up of 6 members: Matthew Nguyen “Dumbo”, Andrew-Chad Fausto Mayate “Chad”, Justin Valles “Jet Li”, Can Trong Nguyen, Lawrence Devera “Law”, and Charles Viet Nguyen.

Dumbo met Can at a movie theater and battled his brother. Can Nguyen “Candy” went to Garden Grove High School and Matthew Nguyen went to Rancho Alamitos High School. Then later new members Justin Valles “Jet-Li” and Lawrence Devera “Law” joined the crew. In 2009, the team selected Andrew-Chad Fausto Mayate “Chad” to substitute for Justin “Jet-Li” Valles in the 2009 Hip Hop Dance Championships. They won 1st place and made Andrew-Chad Fausto Mayate a permanent member. Five mebers out of the six were also members of the PAC Modern Dance Troupe. In 2008, Matthew Nguyen “Dumbo” and Lawrence Devera “Law” competed in America’s Got Talent Season 3 with the dance crew Sick Step.

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