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Mos Wanted Crew is a dance crew Los Angeles, California. They gained poplarity from their performances in the World Of Dance. Myron Marten, the founder of Mos Wanted Crew, is the current executive producer to the World Of Dance Tour. Mos Wanted Crew gained many fans throughout the internet from their dance videos on their YouTube channel.

Most members of the Mos Wanted Crew were members of other dance crews that lost and had participated in MTV’s America’s Best Dance Crew such as Bam Martin’s and Lando Wilkins from Boxcuttahz, Brian Puspos from Soreal Cru, and Jun Quemado’s from Team Millenia. Before Mos Wanted Crew was created, Myron Marten and Jun Quemado wanted to create a crew that would represent the community of dancers all over the world. They formed a crew that would help their mission and represent dancers. Mos Wanted Crew gained fans by posting videos online and teaching in many dance studios and worskshops. They decided to enter America’s Best Dance Crew but did not make the cut. They also entered America’s Best Dance Crew: The Return Of The Superstars.

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