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Kinjaz is a dance crew based out of Los Angeles, California. The dance crew was Established by Mike Song and Anthony Leein in 2010. They were formally known as ANBU Black Ops. Kinjaz are one of the best dance crews in the world. They have members that come from legendary dance crews such as Jabbawockeez, Poreotics, Kaba Modern, and Mos Wanted.



They have their own dance studio in Los Angeles called the Kinjz Jogo. It is located at 670 Monterey Pass Rd #200, Monterey Park, CA 91754, USA. They offer classes Monday thru Friday. They also opened another Kinjaz Dojo in China. They opened the Kinjaz Dojo China to begin a new chapter in the partnership of Kinjaz and Sinostage. Kinjaz Dojo China is an extension of Kinjaz Dojo Los Angeles and will be a gateway for connecting dancers around the world.

Kinjaz and Sinostage started working together in 2014. At the time, Sinostage had just been established, and Kinjaz were working on their international presence. They both had similar styles and shared the same values so they immediately bonded and formed a close connection. In 2015, Kinjaz and Sinostage created ARENA, an international urban dance brand that focused on live events, digital media, and design.

Arena’s mission statement:

“The mission of Arena is to create a platform that, through the medium of dance, will connect cultures across the world, promote creative expression, and improve the lives of artists.”

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Amazing Dance Performance by Kinjaz


Another Great Performance by Kinjaz




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