I.aM.mE Presents: The Brain Bang

Dancer(s): I.aM.mE
Songs: I’m Me – Lil Wayne | Pony (remix) – Dubstep



America’s Best Dance Crew Presents I.aM.mE. Watch this amazing dance performance I.aM.mE. Their dance style and choreography is so entertaining. This is a very talented group. This video showcases their creative dance skills and choreography. It’s just one of their many amazing dance performances.

I.aM.mE (which stands for Inspire, motivate, and energize) is an American hip-hop dance crew from Houston, Texas. They won 1st place in MTV's America’s Best Dance Crew season 6. The three founding members, Di Moon Zhang, Brandon Harrell, and Phillip Chbeeb formed I.aM.mE. after their original dance crew, Marvelous Motion Crew, broke up. Later 3 additional members joined, Emilio Dosal, Chachi Gonzales, and Džajna “jaja” Vankováand.

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