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Flavahz Crew is an all female dance crew. They are from Honolulu, Hawaii and now based out of Los Angeles. They were the runners-up in MTV’s America’s Best Dance Crew season 7. The has 8 members: Charlize Glass, Jaira Miller, Tiara Rapp and Tamara Rapp, Angel Gibbs, Kaelynn Gobert-Harris, Camren Bicondova, and Summer Waikiki.



The original 8 girls came from the Hawaiian dance studio 24VII. They auditioned for the sixth season of America’s Best Dance Crew season 6 but did they did not make it. They were incourage by judge D-Trix to return the nexy season and try out again, and the second time made the cut.

In 2011, after not making the cut for America’s Best Dance Crew seaon 6, Summer, Camren, Tiara and Tamara attended a dance convention in Los Angeles, where they met Jaira, Charlize, Angel and Kaelynn, who became their LA counterparts. They asked the 4 LA girls to join their dance crew and compete in World of Dance Hawaii. They competed in World of Dance Hawaii under the name Flavahs and Friends and won 3rd place. Three of the Hawaiian girls, Summer, Tamara and Tiara were also members of another dance crew called named 24VII Danceforce that also competed in the same competition and won 1st place. After World of Dance Hawaii the girls decided to officially form new group known as 8 Flavahz and audition for America’s Best Dance Crew season 7. They came in 2nd place.

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