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Fanny Pak is a 10 member dance crew from Los Angeles, California. Their style is comprised of hip-hop, contemporary, and jazz. They became popular after appearing on MTV’s America’s Best Dance Crew season 2, in 2008, where they got 3rd place. They are known for wearing bright color clothes from the 1980s with fanny packs, which is where their crew name came from.



After America’s Best Dance Crew season 2 was over, they returned for a two-part America’s Best Dance Crew special, Battle of the VMA’s. During the MTV special presentation, popular crews from America’s Best Dance Crew seasons 1 and 2 competed for an opportunity to win $25,000 for charity and also to present the 2008 Video Music Award for Best Dancing in a Video. Fanny Pak won the competition. They are the only dance crew to ever receive an award at the MTV Video Music Awards. They later went on the America’s Best Dance Crew Live tour with Super Cr3w, Jabbawockeez, ASIID and Breaksk8.

In 2012, Fanny Pak returned to America’s Best Dance Crew season 7. They were the first dance crew to compete on the show twice. They competed with 5 of the same members from season 2 and 4 new members. Fanny Pak was eliminated in week 7, placing 5th.

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