Dance Horoscope: The Dancing Nature of Each Zodiac Sign


Aries is spontaneous and unpredictable, always looking for new experiences. Aries play good roles as a guide and pioneer; thus, they are usually the first to hit the dance floor, start the dance party and motivate others to activate their dance mode. Aries will easily find another dance partner who wants to dance if you don’t support their desire to dance. Aries have a natural predisposition to improvisation because they are wary of uniformity. Men born in Aries are undisputed leaders, and they portray this trait in dancing as well. So their female partners need to be calm and have fun dancing. Aries may get bored with you if you fail to put in some efforts when dancing, so it’s advisable if you are an Aries partner to make some efforts.




Taurus has enhanced sensorial feelings and is a specialist of beautiful forms. Whether you are a performer or spectator, you will enjoy dancing to the fullest. Tauris, as a dancer, find joy in his/her own dance moves when everything is all set: the right music, good outfit and shoes, nice dance floor, and so on. Sometimes, Tauris men do feel they are too big to dance or are slow; however, their lady partners really love it when they dance with them.


Gemini is strong, active, and are not bothered about the time and location when it involves dancing; they can dance anywhere and anytime immediately the music starts playing. They hunger for non-stop music, so they can enjoy and continue dancing for as long as they want. Gemini sees dancing as a way to communicate, a type of body language quite similar to speech. Gemini does find accomplishment in social dances like Bachata, Kizomba, and Salsa. Finding new dance partners, meeting and interacting with people are very simple tasks for Gemini. They socialize easily with people on the dance floor, all thanks to their easy-going manners. When they meet with people they are not familiar with on the dance floor, they try to recall if they know the face, and if not, they become acquainted with that person by dancing together. Because they can adapt easily, Gemini can give up their initiate easily, and dance following their partner’s preference or style. They are not consistent; you will notice this in their movement, and when you notice this when dancing as a partner, do not be surprised.




Cancer is sentimental, to step on the dance floor, they need to be in the right state of mind. Nevertheless, if cancer makes his/her mind up to dance, it comes from the heart, they become totally committed and absorbed by the dance. Cancers are very cautious about their own outfit and dress; some people see this as being obsessive. However, the outcome is beautiful, Cancer appears trendy and stylish.

Cancer possesses ideal dancing behavior and manners; you can easily tell they enjoy dancing; they keep eye contact and natural smile with their dance partner. The way they dance is as if the music, partner, lights, dance floor, and the entire studio belongs to them alone. It’s so rare, in a pleasant way, and you will notice this when dancing with them – you won’t want to forget the experience. Since Cancer is emotional, they require feedback. So when dancing with cancer, don’t forget to be thankful and compliment the dance. Doing this will make them feel better and motivate cancer to continue dancing.


When dancing, Leo also displays their generosity and royal temper. When on stage, Leo subconsciously feel they are catching glances of random spectators who are completely fascinated. This feeling also happens when they are in a crowded dance floor. Leo, being in the center of attraction, feel obligated to emerge as the best dancer. And it happens to be true, most times. Leo may like slow or fast dances, in any situation the dance figures are carried out accurately, flowingly and rhythmically. Leo with lots of experience dances perfectly well; however, their dance partner should show admiration. As a dance teacher, remember this fact as a motivational factor to make your dance class more effective.




Virgo has a precise mindset, and they always know the type of dance they want to perform. A dance partner can persuade Virgo to dance what he or she likes, provided the partner desire is clear and strong. Virgo can become upset if they feel some dance figures are not done the right way or if the partner lacks the right experience or fails to practice the right way. It’s possible for Virgo to drop styling steps, and perform dance steps that comes to him or her naturally and easily. Another thing about Virgo is that they can become the favorite student of any instructor in a dance class easily; this is so because they put in much effort into dancing and they can add style to a dance move they like through countless practice. Men in this category are perfect dance partners, they flow with the rhythm perfectly and prevent themselves from making mistakes while dancing – this allows their female dance partners to reveal her dance fantasies and desires.


When it comes to art and beauty, Libra are renowned specialists, and they exhibit this trait when dancing. Libra is not a fan of maintaining eye contact; they focus more elegance, gracefulness and body movement.
Libra don’t feel disappointed if they can’t find a dance partner; they are self-sufficient. Another fact about Libra is that they are good solo dancers. They quietly enjoy dancing Salsa or Bachata alone, and they do it incredibly well.




Scorpio are very passionate about dancing; it just so obvious, you will notice this passion in their eyes and movement. You will notice the excitement and zeal in them when dancing, even if it’s a new dance they learned recently in a dance class. Scorpio prefers order and is interested in accurate dancing techniques from themselves and their partners. To perfect a dance skill and achieve their aim, Scorpio can spend all the time needed. Dance partners with little or no experience have nothing to worry when dancing with Scorpio because they are normally tolerant and forgive mistakes. Nevertheless, Scorpio dislikes passive people, so they will not understand if you still can’t perform the basic dance figures after taking dance lessons for a couple of years.

Men in this category build a distinctive atmosphere among them; Scorpio men can easily attract female partners and take them to a different dimension, creating an unforgettable and magical dance experience.


Sagittarius barely feel nervous on the dance floor, unlike the rest zodiac signs. This is why they dance more easy and natural and find pleasure and fun when dancing. Sagittarius learn quick, they can copy amazing dance steps by observing other dance couples carefully. Not only are Sagittarius good students, but they can also advance easily and become professional dance instructors. If you find it difficult performing some dance movements, asking a Sagittarius for assistance is the best way out. They will explain how to go about it in a nice, fast and easy way. Sagittarius is enthusiastic and patient, an ideal trait for a choreographer or dance instructor.

On the dance floor, Sagittarius men are really true gentlemen; and inviting them for a dance is pretty easy.




A Capricorn dance is more of a well-polished classical dance show. Naturally, Capricorn finds it difficult to improvise or be creative, but they can achieve this only after practicing dance figures for many years. Amateur or first time Capricorn dancers may appear awkward and formal. This is the primary reason they don’t want to dance because they don’t feel comfortable. There is a popular quote: “Truly manly men do NOT dance.” That quote is about Capricorns.


Besides being an aesthete in life, Aquarius are dance lovers. They are less concerned about people’s opinion; their personal opinion is the most important. Aquarius loves to dance, but their attitude (less concerned about what people think) may prevent them from progressing or perfecting the dance skills; this is because they easily ignore instructions from their instructors during dance lessons or training. They usually neglect instructions, comments, and recommendations from their dance instructors. For dance instructors, it requires wisdom, understanding, and a smart approach to get the attention of Aquarius. If you succeed with this, Aquarius can turn out to be an incredible dancer.


This is the last Zodiac sign, and it comprises traits of previous signs. This is why Pisces is inconsistent and changeable in dancing. Pisces are actually music lovers; thus, they are interested in activities related to music, for instance, dancing. Music can improve Pisces mood and feelings. Such a strong connection with music creates a multi-purpose dancer, capable of performing classical waltz, sexy Bachata, passionate Tango, as well as other ballroom dance moves. You can count on Pisces if you need a good teammate and dance partner.



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