9 Reasons You Should Date a Dancer, According to Science

We all know that there’s something about dancing that stimulates emotions. Even though I am a dancer, I feel amazed seeing other dancers perform.
Believe me, once you decide to get into a relationship with some person, you must also be ready for a passionate, romantic affair. What could be more intriguing than a person who would continuously keep you on your toes?

For things to work out, you must adhere to your partner’s cues. If you want a compatible individual, here are nine reasons a dancer would be the perfect candidate.



1. They’re Attentive.

The long hours involved in the practice of choreography is enough to prove that dancers have excellent memory and pay attention to detail. As reported by Psychology Today, practice really increases the brain’s intellectual ability by uniting the cerebral and cognitive thinking procedures with the contractile tissue of memory and proprioception contained in the cerebellum; the part of the brain between the brainstem and the cerebrum

Warmups aid the dancer’s muscle memory. This offers an entirely new meaning to foreplay.

The University of California located at Santa Barbara’s Scott Grafton, M.D. and Emily Cross, M.S. also discovered that there is a strong link between learning dance steps physically and by observing a performer. What could be more attractive than a partner who is attentive to both big and little things?

2. They’re Ridiculously Skilled.

They are ridiculously skilled in unimaginable ways. Dancers have a certain je ne sais quoi about them that cannot be emulated. They are highly skilled on the dance floor and in the bedroom.

Research by sex expert Flic Everett examined women’s perception of the relationship between a male dancer’s skills to his sexual performance; it was concluded that more than 80% of the women who took part in this activity affirmed that men who weren’t dancers were poor in bed.
In order to keep up, you must know all the right moves.



3. They’re Health Gurus.

As reported by the AARP, the primary advantage of dancing is that it reduces the risk of diseases like high blood pressure and heart disease. They are also experts in selecting healthy diets.

4. They’re Brainiacs.

If you love dating intelligent people, then dancers are perfect for you. Daniel Amen, M.D affirmed that dancers are unusually intelligent, as few activities incite the brain systems as much as dancing does.

Furthermore, a group of scientists from Albert Einstein College of Medicine researched over the course of 21 years to find the bodily exercises that enhanced mental acumen in elderly people.

The outcome obtained was that dancing frequently lowered the risk of dementia by an overwhelming 76%, which is an incredibly good reason to date a dancer.

5. They’re Incredibly Fit.

In accordance with LivingHealthy360, dance practices exercise the muscles in your abdomen, legs, hips, and buttocks and this is the reason behind their sexy physique. Sara Dray of LiveStrong supported the aforementioned statement by stating that not only does it work on all the major muscle groups; it also requires balance, resilience, and stamin.



6. They’re Flexible.

Flexibility isn’t just about their remarkable and erotic body twisting abilities. If they can fit workout sessions into their busy schedule, then they are more than capable of arranging a romantic date. If they like you, they will go out of their way to make you happy.

7. They Have A High Endurance Level.

Dancing serves as an aerobic exercise. Dancing also develops ones’ strength and stamina, which can be useful in the bedroom.

8. They’re More Attractive.

According to a study on LiveScience, it was indicated that there is a connection between body symmetry and attractiveness, declaring that females preferred to view the dances of men who were more symmetrical while men also preferred dances of women that were more symmetric.
Mario Livio, a senior astrophysicist, reiterated this remark after a study emerged that it is an aspect of human nature to be attracted to body symmetry.

9. They’re Happier.

It is a known fact that dancing can be therapeutic; that is why it is generally utilized to help relieve stress. The outcome is that individuals who danced for a living are always happy and less stressed. Scientists from Sweden’s Center for Health Care Sciences discovered that dancing increases feelings of extreme happiness after examining the impact of dancing on the mental wellness of more than 100 females who participated in the study.

Its an incredible experience dating someone who would always picks up your mood whenever you feel down.

Why not clutch onto your partner and go dance.



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