6 Reasons Why Dancers Are Great In Bed

As it turns out, when someone thinks “dancer” they tend to link to performance in the bedroom. Something about dancing, with the graceful and elegant movements on the dancefloor, make people think that those movements extend to the bedroom. This in turn leads to the belief that dancing can make one’s sex life spicier. Without further ado, let’s look at the six reasons why dancers are considered good in bed.

We Work Well With Our Partners

Dancers usually have partners for their routines and interact and work well with others – except when it comes to competitions. This also extends to their sex lives making them ideal partners. If they can put up a good show for the audience with their dance partner, imagine how well they can work with a real partner and make sex amazing.



We Have No Problem Keeping a Rhythm

Sex and rhythm go hand in hand. Although we don’t need to hold a tune during sex, it is good to hold a rhythm. Every dance routine is based on rhythm and this knack extends to the bedroom and dancers get in the flow really easily. Rhythm comes naturally for them and that means full control of dips and take off in the bedroom. Are there times you feel out of control when leading in the bedroom? Give up control to a dancer and see the results!

We have Stamina

Dancers will sometimes practice dancing for hours. These dance routines require physical activity for an extended amount of time. Between routines there’s hardly time to take a break and which makes stamina important for dancers. Their endurance is high as a result and when they’re horny, they keep going without the need to take a break, and can sometimes go for hours.

We are Good at Expressing Ourselves

A good dancer is always good at expressing and conveying emotions without saying a word. They express themselves through facial expressions and body movement. So you’ll know if you’re hitting the right spot even if we don’t say a word. Imagine that intensity being directed at you during a make out session.

We are Comfortable in our Body

In order to be a good dancer it is important to relax and not be tense so that we can move gracefully to the rythm. If we are tense then our dance moves will be more rigid and awkward. Any physical activity will reuduce tension in the body. Dancing will will make all the tension in the body just melt away, making you feel more comfortable in your body, which will result in more confident and seductive body movements.

We Know How to Move Our Hips

Dancers tend to have really good control over their body movements, being able to move their hips in a rythmic motion. This ability will translate to sensual and seductive moves that may result in very intense orgasms. Every step a dancer performs can extend to the bedroom and they’re not only flexible but don’t shy away from using their talents to entice and tease you. In other words, they know how to have and give a good time.

Now you know why dancers are good in bed. Go find yourself a dancer!



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